Card Games

6. Options Dialog

The Options dialog contains the following items (Fig. 6-1): Rules, Game, Graphics, Sound, System, Network, Language, Information, and Reset. Settings under Rules, Game, and Graphics are applied to each game, while settings under the other items are shared across all games.
Fig. 6-1 Options Dialog

6.1 Rules Options
The Rules options are specific each game.
(See Chapter 8 Common Options)
You can save and restore custom rules by pressing the Save and Load button (Fig. 6-2 and 6-3). The Rule Name dialog appears by pressing the Save button. Enter a rule name and press Save. The Load dialog appears by pressing the Load button. Select a rule name and press Load.
Fig. 6-2 Saving rules
Fig. 6-3 Loading rules
You can update custom rules by pressing the Update buttons and delete them by pressing the Delete buttons (Fig. 6-4). If you want to modify custom rules, change the settings and press the Update button (Fig. 6-5).
Fig. 6-4 Updating and Deleting rules
Fig. 6-5 Updating rules

6.2 Game Options
The Game options are specific to each game.
(See Chapter 8 Common Options)

6.3 Graphics Options
In the Graphics options, you can change card images, a floor texture, a table model and spotlights (Fig. 6-6). If the settings are changed, the message area of the header becomes "Custom". The settings are reset by pressing the Reset button.
Fig. 6-6 Graphics Dialog
The Card Front dialog allows you to change the front images and rank characters of cards (Fig. 6-7).
Fig. 6-7 Card Front Dialog

6.4 Sound Options
You can configure sound effects and background music in the Sound dialog (Fig. 6-8). The volume is adjusted by sliding the volume bar, and the sound is muted by pressing the Mute button.
Fig. 6-8 Sound Dialog
Pressing the button to the right of the Background Music opens the Background Music dialog, where you can change the background music (Fig. 6-9).
Fig. 6-9 Background Music Dialog

6.5 System Options

Player Name

Player Name

AI Name

Set the names of players. If left empty, the default values are used.

Showing Names

Sets whether to display player names.

Font Size

Adjusts the font size of player names.


Screen Orientation

Sets the screen orientation. If Auto is set, it is determined automatically.

Full Screen

Enables or disables full-screen mode.

Status Bar

Sets whether to show the status bar.

Title Bar

Sets whether to show the title bar.

Help Button

Sets whether to show the Help button.

Setting Menu

Sets whether to show the setting menu.

Button Size

Sets the size of the Menu button, Game List button, Replay button, etc.

Menu Size

Sets the size of the expanded menu.

Graphics Quality

Sets the graphics quality. The quality increases in the order of Very Low, Low, Medium, High, Very High, and Ultra. If the application is unstable, lowering this value may improve its performance.



Configures graphics settings applied to all games. (See 6.3)

Message Size

Sets the message size of games (Fig. 6-10).

Popup Message Time

Sets the duration for which a popup message is displayed.

Inverted North Card

Enables or disables upside-down cards for the north player (Fig. 6-11).

Victory Effect

Enables or disables victory effects when winning a game.


Animation Speed

Sets the animation speed of games. Animation Rate is customizable if set to Custom.

Animation Rate

Adjusts the animation speed rate as the percentage of medium speed (100%). The higher the value, the slower it is.

Message Speed

Sets the message speed in milliseconds.

Deal Speed

Sets the animation speed of dealing cards. No animation if set to zero.

Number of Shuffles

Sets the number of shuffle animations. No animation if set to zero.

Trick Speed

Used in trick-taking games, sets the waiting time at the end of a trick in milliseconds. Disabled if Auto Card Flip is off.


Swiping Up/Down

See Control / Hand Control

Swiping Left/Right

Pinching In/Out

Hand Control

Swiping Up/Down

See Control / Hand Control

Swiping Left/Right

Pinching In/Out

Fig. 6-10 Message Size
Fig. 6-11 Inverted North Card
Control / Hand Control
The Control option binds gestures to the game camera (Fig. 6-12). There are three gestures: Swiping Up/Down, Swiping Left/Right, and Pinching In/Out. If "Disabled" is selected in the option, this does not work. The Hand Control option binds the gestures to your hand. When you make the gesture on your hand, the settings of the Hand Control have priority.
Fig. 6-12 Control / Hand Control

6.6 Network Options


Player Name

Sets the name used in multiplayer games.

Chat Size

Sets the maximum size of chat history.


Confirm Dialog

Sets whether to display a confirmation dialog when enabling Bluetooth.

Discoverable Time

Sets the discoverable time of the device on the server side. The discoverable time is the limit when the server device is detected by client devices. This option has durations of 120, 180, 240, 300 seconds, Unlimited, and Disabled. If Unlimited is selected, there is no time limit, but there is a security risk. If Disabled is selected, the device is not discoverable to other devices.



Sets the port number on the server side.

6.7 Language Options
The Language options allow you to set the system language of the application.
6.8 Information
The Information Dialog displays information about the application (Fig. 6-13).
Fig. 6-13 Information Dialog

6.9 Reset Dialog
In the Reset dialog, you can reset settings by selecting the items you want to reset and pressing the Reset button (Fig. 6-14). If Initialization is selected, all settings and data will be deleted.
Fig. 6-14 Reset Dialog

Applied to each game

Rule Settings

Rule settings

Game Settings

Game settings

User Interface

Camera settings and Graphics settings

Custom Rules

custom rules



Game Log

log data

Applied to all the games

System Settings

System settings

Network Settings

Network settings

Language Settings

Language settings

System Data

  • music settings
  • settings of the Game List dialog
  • an id and password used in the Multiplayer Dialog

All Game Logs

log data of all games



Complete reset, clearing all settings and data.