Card Games

5. Replay Mode

5.1 Replay Mode
The current game switches to the replay mode by pressing the Replay button in the Result dialog of the Game Log. (See 3.3 Game Log Dialog)
Fig. 5-1 Replay Mode
①Exit Button ②Date Text ③Back Button ④Pause/Resume Button ⑤Fast Forward Button ⑥Next Button
The Date Text displays the date a play was recorded. You can stop and resume a replay by pressing the Pause/Resume button. A replay is fast forwarded by pressing and holding the Fast Forward button. It moves to the previous checkpoint with the Back button and to the next checkpoint with the Next button. The replay mode ends by pressing the Exit button.

In the replay mode, there are some differences compared to the main mode.
・The Multiplayer button is disabled.
・You cannot change rules and cannot reset settings.
・Rules in the Rules dialog are changed to the rules of a replay.
・A value in the Game dialog is changed to the value of a replay.
・A replay is reset by pressing the Restart button.

5.2 Replay Mode in Solitaire
Fig. 5-2 Replay Mode in Solitaire
①Exit Button ②Date Text ③Back Button ④Back Button(One Undo) ⑤Pause/Resume Button ⑥Next Button(One Step) ⑦Next Button ⑧Menu Button(Hide/Show)