Card Games

3. Information Dialog

The Information dialog includes the Rules, Statistics, and Game Log items (Fig. 3-1).
Fig. 3-1 Information Dialog

3.1 Rules Dialog
The Rules dialog displays the rules of the current game (Fig. 3-2).
Fig. 3-2 Rules Dialog

3.2 Statistics Dialog
The Statistics dialog presents statistics for the current game (Fig. 3-3). It includes the total number of games, the count of wins, and the percentage of wins for each difficulty level. If a game has variants, you can potentially change them by pressing tabs at the top. The Rank dialog is accessed by pressing a row in the list.
Fig. 3-3 Statistics Dialog
Ties do not count as wins, and games restarted using the Restart button are not recorded in the statistics.
3.3 Game Log Dialog
The Game Log dialog shows the result of the current game (Fig. 3-4).
Fig. 3-4 Game Log Dialog
By pressing an item in the Game Log dialog, the Result dialog is displayed (Fig. 3-5). The Result dialog has the score, and you can watch the game replay by pressing the Replay button (Fig. 3-6).
(See Chapter 5).
Fig. 3-5 Result Dialog
Fig. 3-6 Replay Mode