Card Games

2. Game Dialog

You can change the number of players, variants, and computer levels in the Game dialog (Fig. 2-1). The dialog varies depending on the current game, and the difficulty is saved for each variant.
Fig. 2-1 Game Dialog

2.1 Customizing Levels
The computer levels are displayed in the west, north, and east areas (Fig. 2-2). Lower levels represent weaker opponents, while higher levels represent stronger ones. The "?" level is a random level that changes for each play. For example, if there are 1 to 5 levels in a game, one of the levels from 1 to 5 is randomly selected. When the Difficulty item is set to Custom, the level areas can be pressed. Pressing the level area displays the Level Dialog, where you can change levels.
Fig. 2-2 Customizing Levels
If the number of players is five or more, it is displayed in the upper left (Fig. 2-3).
Fig. 2-3 Customizing Levels 2

2.2 Demonstration
If the Difficulty item is set to Demonstration, the south player becomes a computer player, and the game is played automatically (Fig. 2-4).
Fig. 2-4 Demonstration

2.3 Loading Rules
You can load custom rules by pressing the Load button (Fig. 2-5).
(See Chapter 6.1 Rules Options)
Fig. 2-5 Loading Rules