Card Games


Hearts is a trick-taking game. It is played by four players with a standard deck of 52 cards. Press the Play button to start the game (Fig. 1).
Figure 1
Deal and Exchanging
Thirteen cards are dealt to each player, and they must exchange three cards with another player. To exchange cards, select three cards and press the Pass button (Fig. 2). The cards are then passed to the player indicated by the arrow icon. Cards are exchanged in the order of left, right, front, and none for each deal.
Figure 2
For the first trick, the player who has the two of clubs leads. Players follow the cards in clockwise order. They must follow suit if possible. Otherwise, they may discard any card. On your turn, select one card from your hand and press the white frame (Fig. 3).
Figure 3
The player who leads or follows the highest card wins the trick. The card strength is as follows. Players are not allowed to lead with a heart until it is discarded.
Rank (High→Low)
A > K > Q > J > 10 > 9 > 8 > 7 > 6 > 5 > 4 > 3 > 2
End of the Deal
The deal ends after thirteen tricks, and the Score dialog is displayed (Fig. 4).
Figure 4
A heart is worth one penalty point. The queen of spades is worth 13 penalty points. If a player takes all the penalty cards, all players other than him take 26 penalty points. This is called Shooting the Moon (Fig. 5).
Figure 5
You can view a score sheet and trick history by pressing the buttons in the Score dialog (Fig. 6).
Figure 6
The score sheet can be accessed by pressing the scoreboard in the upper left (Fig. 7).
Figure 7
End of the Game
The game ends when someone reaches 100 points (Fig. 8). The player with the fewest points is the winner.
Figure 8

Omnibus Hearts
You can play Omnibus Hearts by enabling the Omnibus option (Fig. 9). The jack of diamonds is worth 10 positive points in this variant (Fig. 10). The Shooting the Moon is worth 36 points.
Figure 9
Figure 10



End of the Game

Sets conditions for ending a game.

  • If "Points" is set, the game ends when the points reach the value set in the Points option.
  • If "Deals" is set, the game ends when the number of deals reaches the value set in the Deals option.
  • If "Points or Deals" is set, the game ends when either points or number of deals meets the condition.


Sets the points.


Sets the number of deals.

First Trick

Sets the player leading the first trick.
("Whoever has the two of clubs", Forehand)

Passing Cards

Sets the player to whom cards are passed.
(Left-Right-Opposite-None, Left, Right, Opposite, None)

Breaking Hearts

If enabled, when the queen of spades is led, hearts are broken.


If enabled, the jack of diamonds is worth 10 positive points.

Penalty Cards to the First Trick

Sets whether players can play penalty cards to the first trick.

Shooting the Moon

Sets the behavior when a player takes all penalty cards.

  • If "Add" is selected, the score is added.
  • If "Deduct" is selected, the score is deducted.
  • If "Add or Deduct" is selected, the player has the option to add or deduct the score.

Shooting the Sun

If enabled, when a player wins all tricks, the score is doubled.


If enabled, when a player makes a mistake in a trick, the player receives the maximum penalty score.


Automatic Card Flipping

If enabled, cards automatically flip over at the end of each trick. If disabled, they flip over by pressing the device screen.

Trick Arrow

Sets whether to show the trick arrow.

Card Selection

If "Once" is selected, a card is selected by pressing it once when leading it to a trick. If "Twice" is selected, you need to press the white frame after selecting a card.

Sorting Hand

Configures the sorting of your hand.

Rearranging Hand

If enabled, the cards in your hand can be swapped.


If enabled, you can select a card by flicking it when leading it to a trick.


Sets whether to display the scoreboard.

Trick Counter

Sets whether to display the trick counter.

Hand Monitor

Configures the hand monitors.