Card Games

Fan Tan

Fun Tan is a game in which cards are arranged in order from Ace to King, starting with 7. The default setting for this application is for four players, each holding a score of 100 points at the start of play. Press the Play button to start the game (Fig. 1).
Figure 1
Players cut cards, and the player with the highest rank becomes the dealer (Fig. 2). Each player is dealt thirteen cards. The scoreboard is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen.
Figure 2
Players discard a card in clockwise order starting from the forehand. A player can discard a 7 or a card that is one rank higher or one rank lower than the cards currently on the table and of the same suit. On your turn, select one card from your hand and place it on the table by pressing the table (Fig. 3).
Figure 3
If a player cannot discard a card, they must pass and receive a penalty of one point, which is then added to the pool (Fig. 4).
Figure 4
In this manner, players arrange cards of the same suit from 7 to 1 and from 7 to King, starting with 7 (Fig. 5).
Figure 5
End of the Deal
The deal ends when someone's hand is empty, and that player becomes the winner. Each player is penalized points based on the number of cards remaining in their hand, and the winner receives those points. Additionally, the winner receives the points in the pool (Fig. 6).
Figure 6
End of the Game
The game ends when the predetermined number of deals is reached (Fig. 7). The default is 4 times for 4 players.
Figure 7
Number of Players
The number of players can be set between 2 and 7 (Fig. 8).
Figure 8




Sets the number of players. If the value is set to 3 or more, the Deals option is set to this value. If it is set to 2, the Deals option is set to 4.
(From 2 to 7)


Sets the number of deals.

First Play

Sets the player who discards the first card.
("Whoever has the 7 of diamonds", Forehand)

No Penalty

If enabled, there are no penalty points for passing.

Initial Points

Sets the points that players have when a game is started.

Rules / Player

First Dealer

"Cut (Higher)" and "Cut (Lower)" are added.


Playable Places

Sets whether to show playable places.

Playable Cards

Sets whether to show playable cards.

Card Selection

If "Once" is selected, a card is discarded by pressing it once. If "Twice" is selected, you need to press the screen after selecting a card.

Sorting Hand

Configures the sorting of your hand.

Rearranging Hand

If enabled, the cards in your hand can be swapped.


If enabled, you can discard a card by flicking it.


Sets whether to display the deal information.


Sets whether to display the pool information.

Spacing Between Cards

Sets the amount of space between cards.
(None, Narrow, Wide)

Suit Order

Sets the order in which cards are laid out on the table. If Manual is selected, it specifies the order from 1 to 4 for each suit. If Auto is selected, cards are automatically laid out from the top.

Game / Player List

Player List

Sets whether to display the player list.

Hand Size

Sets whether to display the hand size of players.

Hand Monitor

Sets whether to display the hands of players.


Sets the size of the player list.