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Crazy Eights

Crazy Eight is a game where the objective is to get rid of cards from a player's hand. The default setting of this application is for six players with two standard 52-card decks. The scoreboard is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. If there are any special rules, they will be displayed in the center table on the right. Press the Play button to start the game (Fig. 1).
Figure 1
Players cut cards, and the player with the highest rank becomes the dealer (Fig. 2). Each player is dealt five cards. At the end of the deal, one card is turned over.
Figure 2
Players discard a card in clockwise order starting from the forehand. A player can discard a card of the same rank or suit as the upcard. If a player does not have any playable cards, they must draw a card from the draw pile until they obtain one. On your turn, to discard a card, select it from your hand and press the upcard. To draw a card, press the draw pile (Fig. 3).
Figure 3
Cards ranked as eight are wild cards and can be discarded at any time. If a player discards an eight, they must specify a suit. When it is your turn, a dialog box appears to select a suit. Choose one and press the OK button (Fig. 4).
Figure 4
Some cards are set up as special cards, as shown in the table below.
Jack Skip The next player is skipped.
Queen Reverse The order of play is reversed.
King Draw 2 The next player must draw two cards, but they can avoid drawing by playing a king. In that case, the following player must draw a duplicate number of cards.
If there are no more cards in the draw pile, the game proceeds without a draw. If a player cannot discard any cards, they must pass. To pass, press the Pass button (Fig. 5).
Figure 5
End of the Deal
The deal ends when someone's hand is empty. Each player is penalized points based on the number of cards remaining in their hand. Each card has a point value as shown in the following table.
Rank A 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 J Q K
Points 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 50 9 10 10 10 10
You can view a score sheet and trick history by pressing the buttons in the Score dialog (Fig. 6). The score sheet can be accessed by pressing the scoreboard in the upper left.
Figure 6
End of the Game
The game ends when someone reaches 100 points (Fig. 7). The player with the fewest points is the winner.
Figure 7

The number of players can be set between 2 and 8. There are four variations: Basic, Special, One Deal, and Custom (Fig. 8).
Figure 8
  • There are no special cards.
  • There are special cards.
One Deal
  • There are special cards.
  • If the draw pile is exhausted, the discard pile is shuffled and becomes the new draw pile.
  • Jokers are added as Wild Draw 4, with 2 per deck.
  • Special cards can prevent Draw 2 or Draw 4.
  • The rules customized in the Rules settings are used.




Sets the number of players.
(From 2 to 8)


Sets the variant.
(Basic, Special, One Deal, Custom)


Sets the number of decks.
(From 1 to 3)

Number of Cards Dealt

Sets the number of cards dealt.
(From 5 to 7)

End of the Game

Sets conditions for ending a game.

  • If "Points" is set, the game ends when the points reach the value set in the Points option.
  • If "Deals" is set, the game ends when the number of deals reaches the value set in the Deals option.
  • If "Points or Deals" is set, the game ends when either points or number of deals meets the condition.


Sets the points.


Sets the number of deals.

Drawing Cards

Sets whether a player can draw a card.

  • A player can draw a card at any time.
  • A player cannot draw a card if they have playable cards.

Max Number of Draws

Sets the maximum number of cards that can be drawn.
(Unlimited, One card that is unplayable, From 1 to 5)

Draw Pile

Sets the behavior when the draw pile is exhausted.

  • Reuse the discard pile.
  • Play without drawing cards.

Special Cards

Sets the special cards.

Card Points

Sets the card points.
(From Ace to King, Wild Draw 4)

Rules / Special Cards


Sets the rank of Skip cards.


Sets the rank of Reverse cards.

Draw 2

Sets the rank of Draw 2 cards.

Draw 4

Sets the rank of Draw 4 cards.


Sets the rank of wild cards.

Wild Draw 4

Sets the number of Wild Draw 4 cards.
(Disabled, From 1 to 4 jokers per deck)

Playing Wild Draw

Sets whether a player can play a Wild Draw card.

  • Wild Draw is always playable.
  • Wild Draw cannot be played if a player has a playable card.

Stacking Draw

Sets whether a player can stack draw cards.

Canceling Draw

Sets whether a special card can cancel Draw 2 or Draw 4.

Rules / Player

First Dealer

"Cut (Higher)" and "Cut (Lower)" are added.


Playable Cards

Sets whether to show playable cards.

Card Select

If "Once" is selected, a card is discarded by pressing it once. If "Twice" is selected, you need to press the discard pile after selecting a card.

Sorting Hand

Configures the sorting of your hand.

Rearranging Hand

If enabled, the cards in your hand can be swapped.


If enabled, you can discard a card by flicking it.

Special Card List

Sets whether to show the special card list.

Game / Player List

Player List

Sets whether to display the player list.

Hand Size

Sets whether to display the hand size of players.

Hand Monitor

Sets whether to display the hands of players.


Sets the size of the player list.