Card Games


Concentration is a card game where all cards are placed face down, and players attempt to uncover pairs. Each player takes turns flipping over two cards and removing them if they match. The goal is to collect as many pairs as possible until all cards have been matched and removed. Press the Play button to start the game (Fig. 1).
Figure 1
Select two cards on your turn (Fig. 2).
Figure 2
If they are cards of the same rank, the cards are taken and two cards are selected again. If not, the turn is passed to the next player (Fig. 3).
Figure 3
End of the Game
If all cards are removed, the player with the most cards wins (Fig. 4).
Figure 4
Number of Players
The number of players can be set between 2 and 10 (Fig. 5).
Figure 5
Number of Cards
The number of cards can be selected from 52, 36, 24, and 16 (Fig. 6).
Figure 6




Sets the number of players.
(From 2 to 10)


Sets the number of cards.
(16, 24, 36, 52)

Color Rule

Sets the color combination for the cards that can be taken.

  • Any Color: A player can take cards in any color.
  • Same Color: A player can take cards of the same color.
    (i.e., red and red, black and black)
  • Zebra: A player can take cards in different colors.
    (i.e., red and black)

One Flip

A player can only flip two cards once.


Automatic Card Flipping

If enabled, cards automatically flip over.

Duration of Face Up

Sets how long cards remain face-up.

Spacing Between Cards

Sets the amount of space between cards.
(None, Narrow, Wide)

Game / Player List

Player List

Sets whether to display the player list.

Card Counter

Sets whether to display the card counter in the player list.


Sets the size of the player list.

Game / Animation


Sets the overall wait time for the game.