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Beggar My Neighbour

Beggar-My-Neighbour is a game based entirely on luck, typically played by two players. The game uses a standard deck of 52 cards, and the objective is to get all the cards. Press the Play button to start the game (Fig. 1).
Figure 1
Players cut cards, and the player with the highest rank becomes the dealer (Fig. 2). The deck is then split into two equal parts and distributed to each player.
Figure 2
Players alternately flip cards from their stock pile onto the center pile. On your turn, you can press either the discard pile or your stock pile to flip a card (Fig. 3).
Figure 3
If the flipped card has a rank from 2 to 10, the next player proceeds to flip a card. If the flipped card is an ace, jack, queen, or king, it is a penalty card. The next player must flip 4 cards for an ace, 3 cards for a king, 2 cards for a queen, and 1 card for a jack (Fig. 4).
Figure 4
If all the flipped cards are ranked 2 to 10, the player who played the penalty card gets the discard pile. If a penalty card is flipped during this process, the right to get the discard pile shifts to the current player, and the turn is changed.
End of the Game
The player who gets all the cards is the winner (Fig. 5).
Figure 5

Number of Players
In this application, you can play with up to six players. The basic rules are the same as for two players (Fig. 6).
Figure 6
Skip Button
You can skip the current game by pressing the Skip button (Fig. 7).
Figure 7




Sets the number of players.
(From 2 to 6)

Rules / Player

First Dealer

"Cut (Higher)" and "Cut (Lower)" are added.


Card Counter

Sets whether to show the card counter.

Flip Counter

Sets whether to show the flip counter.

Skip Button

Sets whether to show the skip button.

Game / Player List

Player List

Sets whether to display the player list.


Sets the size of the player list.